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  • Exciting Twist To Learn Spanish Online

    Sep 30 • Sharon • Learn Spanish FastNo Comments

    Using our computers for research & learning has become an everyday thing. But aside from the obvious I have found a few ways to tap into my keyboard to learn Spanish online which I’d love to share with you. As I have said in previous posts, trust your own intuition and find ways that suit you personally and that includes getting creative to learn online Spanish. Of course to learn Spanish online free for beginners is a flooded market but let me show you a neat trick that I stumbled across when writing to a friend. Firstly open a word document and type away to your heart’s content in Spanish. Write as fluently as you can, enjoy letting your imagination flow and don’t stop to look up and either correct yourself or judge what you’ve written. This is truly a fun way to learn online Spanish … but now here comes the twist! What you will find is

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  • 5 Ways To Learn Basic Spanish And Get Talking

    Sep 29 • Sharon • Best Ways To Learn SpanishNo Comments

    Let’s get together with some fresh and exciting ways to learn Spanish quickly, after all we’re all in the same boat aren’t we? I want to learn Spanish quickly, and importantly I want to build my confidence as I do. So let’s get started, get realistic and not set the challenge bar too high! You will have foolproof ideas of your own too so please feel free to share them with me here. 1. To get started you’ll want to learn basic Spanish words that you can use often. I would say that there are around forty core verbs that will really get you going. Because it’s so  important I’m going to say it again, ‘learn basic Spanish words’ only. I have come across a lot of material for beginners sold as,  ’How To Learn Basic Spanish’, only to find that the verbs used are ones I will probably never come across again

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  • What Is The Best Way To Learn Spanish?

    Sep 28 • Sharon • Best Ways To Learn SpanishNo Comments

    So, what’s the best way to learn Spanish? Have you ever tried to find the best way to learn Spanish online, or take one to one Spanish lessons? Perhaps you’ve tried audio CDs or some of the many Spanish learning books in a bid to find the best way to learn Spanish at home. Or maybe even jumped in with both feet to learn Spanish abroad with a language school? I’ve tried them all in a bid to find the best way to learn Spanish and in part they have had a positive influence on my path to Spanish learning and I still use many of them today. Did you begin learning Spanish with the belief that one day you would be able to converse with your Spanish friends only to find that with every new verb you learnt the language seemed to explode out of all proportion before your very eyes? Just taking a look inside

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