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  • Underground Strategies To Learn Spanish At Home

    Sandwiched between a private education and heading off to Spain to live for a while we home-educated our three children. It was a perfect moment in time that lent itself to many wonderful memories for us all not least to tackle the issue of how to learn Spanish at home. It’s incredible how the boundaries of learning can be stretched when the restraints of school are lifted. In all subjects this was true but perhaps languages became a main focus for creativity with ideas coming from all directions. In our family we are blessed with a patient and fluent Spanish speaking uncle so when he offered to help the children learn Spanish at home for an adventure in Spain we couldn’t refuse. What a wonderful way to spend family time together particularly as we knew we would be separated soon by our move to Spain. What happened next was the start of a short

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  • How To Learn Spanish Online Quickly

    Oct 27 • Sharon • Best Ways To Learn SpanishNo Comments

    So you want to know how to learn Spanish online? Like many thousands of people a day I’ll assume you want to get to the most effective information and you want to get there fast. While living in Spain I used the internet to access some excellent material which I still use today. But why did it make sense to learn how to speak Spanish online when I was living right in the thick of it I hear you ask? Well let me share something with you. I needed all the help I could get as we had moved out to Spain with no knowledge of the Spanish language at all. I needed to find a fast way to at least get my proverbial foot in the door! So like you I turned to my computer and searched something like ‘learn how to speak Spanish online’ and found an abundance of helpful information. My advice to

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  • Learn Spanish Online With Ease

    Oct 24 • Sharon • Learn Spanish FastNo Comments

    Today I took some time to see what’s new online by way of tools to help me along with my Spanish. And it seems that if I want to learn how to speak Spanish free online I can afford to be quite choosy. Predictably the BBC and Rosetta Stone always come out on top. And why not? They approach learning methodically and their websites are pretty easy to navigate, they tick all the boxes if you want to learn to speak Spanish free online. But not everything I found today was as useful. Like you, my time is precious and although I want to learn Spanish online in the comfort of home, I certainly don’t want to waste my time learning verbs and phrases that are of no use to me at all. And it’s fair to say that there is plenty of that available online! Am I surprised? Yes I think I am to be honest. I have just

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Lazy Spanish Learning

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