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  • Yes, You Can Learn Conversational Spanish

    Oct 19 • Sharon • Learn Spanish FastNo Comments

    Most people who start learning Spanish end up quitting. Why? Well because most classes, books and courses teach you absolutely everything. When really, most people just want to learn conversational Spanish. They want to be able to communicate with Spanish people and just “get by” in Spain. Unfortunately most courses overwhelm you with endless grammar, verbs and other gibberish that just exhausts you. So I’m here to tell you that you can learn conversation Spanish. And you can do it without getting frustrated with endless verbs, tenses and pathetic grammar. You can certainly learn conversational Spanish and make new friends, both Spanish and English along the way too. Let me show you how. I am not a teacher and am not setting out to ‘teach’ you in the traditional sense of the word ‘teaching’. Rather to show you how I learn conversational Spanish to this day and how you can learn conversational Spanish free. It can be so

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  • Want To Learn Spanish Quickly?

    Oct 14 • Sharon • Learn Spanish FastNo Comments

    I know, we’re all impatient and want to learn spanish quickly but is it really possible to learn spanish without the years of hard slog? It’s true that to learn Spanish quickly or speak a language fluently just like a native, is going to take concerted study, that’s in the absence of being able to move to your chosen country of course. And wouldn’t that be wonderful? To pick up your life and settle in pastures new? I know how perfect this can be because we did exactly that a few years ago. Yes, we took our family from the delightful countryside of Essex and packed our belongings and rented a place in a sunny corner of southern Spain in a small Spanish pueblo. What we couldn’t fit on the van we stored. With three teenagers and very little Spanish between us we embarked on a most memorable journey. This is how I can pass

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