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  • Sing-A-Long-Spanish For Children

    Dec 10 • Sharon • Learn Spanish For KidsNo Comments

    We have always known that catching children early with language learning really is the key to success. Pre-self awareness  can be critical. British children are often introduced to a secongd language at around the age of 11 when they feel most awkward and less likely to respond openly.  Those lucky children brought up in bi-lingual homes have such an enormous head start but all is not lost if your off-spring happen to live with two English speakers. There are so many Spanish websites for children which are not only crammed full of delightfully appealing games, books and puzzles, but I have just found the most enchanting Spanish hand puppet in full flamenco dress. I remember being mesmerised watching Jackanory on TV as a child and being truly captivated by the narrator’s mellow voice and the beautiful illustrations. I was completely sucked in for the next 15 minutes which gave mum a valuable gap to make tea! A hand

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  • Study Spanish Abroad, What You Need To Know

    Dec 1 • Sharon • Travelling Through SpainNo Comments

    Like many people, I’m sure you arrived on this page because you want to study Spanish abroad. So over the next couple of paragraphs I’m going to tell you what you need to know about studying Spanish abroad. But first; a quick story… A few years ago we were happily living in the UK until we decided we needed a change. We needed to get out of England and move abroad. At first we considered France, Italy and then Spain. Soon after we were all packed up, the kids were pulled out of school and we were ready to embark on our Spanish adventure. In the beginning we were all very nervous about studying  Spanish abroad, but we soon realised it was the best place to do it considering we had just flipped our lives upside down. It’s funny how life is like that… One minute you have a day to

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Lazy Spanish Learning

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