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  • Spanish culture and customs

    Jan 24 • Sharon • Travelling Through SpainNo Comments

    Think of Spanish culture and customs and I’ll take a bet that the same thoughts come to you as they did to me.   Now, while I have a love for all things Spanish such as tapas, excellent wine, white washed pueblos, flamenco and literature, who isn’t familiar with Cervantes’ “Don Quijote de la Mancha”, the second most translated book after the Bible? Some Spanish customs and traditions I do struggle to understand. And those include all things Spanish that involve chasing bulls through the streets, around a bull ring or into a river until they are left frenzied with fear or killed! Is there another way of saying it?! Every year from July 7th-14th thousands pack into Pamplona to start Spain’s most famous bull-running fiesta to honor Navarre capital’s patron saint, San Firmin. Spain’s culture commands more than 3,000 fiestas each year. This particular fiesta culminates in the bulls running into a bull ring where

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  • Top 10 Reasons Learning To Speak In Spanish Is Good For You

    Jan 23 • Sharon • Best Ways To Learn SpanishNo Comments

    1. Did you have any idea that learning to speak Spanish is good for you?  By the time you finish reading this you’ll get the idea that you’re only limited by your imagination.  It’s not about how to learn Spanish quickly, DON’T try and cut corners…Oh no, you’re about to take a journey you never thought possible.  Want to keep fit? What better way than to try Salsa or Merengue. In fact, this is tip number one for a very good reason. 2. Uncover your true potential. You are more than capable of achieving your dream to speak a second language. Breakthrough all the negatives you have told yourself , ‘I can’t learn a Language’  because learning to speak Spanish and keeping your promise to yourself could be the springboard to much greater things. No more procrastinating, it’s time for results. 3. FACT: A medical fact you may …or may not be aware of. Spanish learning or all

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  • How To Speak In Spanish In Less Than 10 Days

    Jan 20 • Sharon • Best Ways To Learn SpanishNo Comments

    Picture yourself 5 years from now having achieved your dream to learn how to speak in Spanish.  Imagine for a moment how proud you will feel because you continued to make good on the promise you made yourself. Remember when you were in high school. Did you struggle to keep up? Perhaps you even left school feeling that everyone else got the brains but you! It’s a well known fact that schools can leave students feeling really foolish and their confidence wavering. But, imagine what it would be like if you could conquer those negative feelings that are holding you back, forge ahead and nail your dream. Just imagine the sense of achievement. Everybody knows that learning a second language has its challenges but when you study as an adult they can be magnified by lack of time, lack of money and even poor study skills that leave you procrastinating while

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Lazy Spanish Learning

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