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  • Use Twitter To Learn Spanish Words

    Feb 6 • Sharon • Learn Spanish FastNo Comments

    Twitter is a great place to learn Spanish words and phrases and it’s all for free. Are you just starting out and feel unsure which way to jump in looking for tools and  help to get you going? Perhaps you have a dream to learn a second language but have in the past given up and don’t want to invest too much money too soon. Well that is completely understandable and if I might say, very sensible. If you’re not already familiar with Twitter or you’ve heard about it and cannot think how it could possibly be useful to you, then read on. Twitter is being used by anybody and everybody which is great news for you because  not only is finding Spanish learning resources about to get really easy you will also get to learn Spanish words free. Firstly you need a Twitter account so that you can see who’s doing what. You will

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  • Learn To Speak Spanish Free Online

    Feb 4 • Sharon • Spanish Learning ToolsNo Comments

    Although this may sound very strange, I’m going to teach you how to learn Spanish free online using social media! Yes, social media. Social media is one of the best online Spanish learning tools out there. Social media has fast become a popular playground for the successful and creative as a place to gather to share thoughts and information. so if you haven’t already discovered Facebook and Twitter, set up accounts right away and tap into the ever expanding modern day treasure chest of information In record time you will be able to find up to the minute resources to help you learn to speak Spanish free online, there is simply so much choice. By logging in daily and familiarising yourself with the rising trend of social media it becomes increasingly easy to navigate your way around and start connecting up. Because Twitter requires only 160 characters per Tweet you won’t have to trawl through pages and pages

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  • Learning Spanish Language Simplified

    Feb 2 • Sharon • Best Ways To Learn SpanishNo Comments

    Learning Spanish language can be very difficult. Most people attack Spanish learning without having a real plan.  Before you start learning Spanish language you need a solid plan. Your aim is to learn to speak Spanish but there is a chance that you have inadvertently set yourself on a path that could see you fail. You think I’m joking? How many unused books have you already collected? The first flush of enthusiasm can bring out the credit card so if you’ve already done that but find the days and weeks rolling by and your books are still on the shelf then let me help you address that, right now. Firstly don’t believe any programme that guarantees success because the guarantee doesn’t take into account what you are personally going to put into the process. How much time you will devote to study may vary week on week. By the time you

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