Me  Cher was born in Stockport in 1962 but grew up in Essex where she has spent the last 49 years.

After meeting her husband Mat and working the family business they bought a plot of land and built a beautiful home in the heart of the Colne Valley for their growing family. Being a busy mum was a full time job that happily absorbed every waking moment.

 ‘I am actually very old fashioned and have adored bringing up children with all the sticking and glueing and feeding the ducks in the park but now that they are young adults my life has turned another exciting corner’

Their 3 children have enjoyed a colourful & broad tapestry of an education, ranging from a private education to home-ed, which then took them off  to live in Spain for two years. With pressure on Mat as the only Spanish speaker in the family, they began a new adventure which saw all 3 children taking up school places in a small local village Spanish school in Albuñol.

Cher soon got the bug  for Spanish learning and has spent the last 8 years finding creative ways to learn. At times it has felt like a battle but not one she is prepared to lose .

‘There are many excellent tools out there and I have used a selection of them with huge success. It was in searching for a fresh challenge that lazyspanishlearning.com was created. I have so many ideas to share, so prepare for some tools that, although I designed for myself, I know will help you too’.

‘I have written two books. Each of them uses commonly used verbs, repetition, a page by page glossary and plenty of blank pages for taking notes and making your book personally yours.

 It took a while but I eventually found the perfect voice to narrate your CD which is read in beautifully slow Spanish’.

Georgie – The Delightful Story of a Spanish Street Dog and her Puppies practices just the PRESENT TENSE. To find out more and to order your copy just click this link.

El Camino de Santiago continues the same easy format and practices two most widely used PAST TENSES only, the preterit and imperfect past. To find out more and to order your yours just click this link.

Lazy Spanish Learning

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