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  • Forget SEO. Let Your Heart Sing And Passion Do The Crawling!

    Aug 4 • Sharon • Learn Spanish FastComments Off on Forget SEO. Let Your Heart Sing And Passion Do The Crawling!

    Walking along the coast from Old Leigh in Essex towards Westcliff this morning somehow brought to mind haciendo El Camino de Santiago in 2010. As another plane gracefully, and always to me unbelievably, left the coast heading for…who knows where, it reminded me of el día una amiga mía y yo tomamos un vuelo from Stansted to Bilbao to pick up our train to Leon to begin our Camino de Santiago. My wandering mind then went to recent blog posts I had written and me di cuenta de que they are too long. I had been enseñado a escribir blog posts for SEO but actually I’m not natural in that style at all, jumping through hoops and the like don’t suit me one bit so I’m going to forget SEO.  My approach is more organic! Ha! … and when I think about it aprendiendo español has been the same for

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  • Short Cut To Rocket Spanish Review

    Jul 22 • Sharon • Learn Spanish FastNo Comments

                 Do you find yourself just working, sorting chores and fitting in all the many demands of a busy life and wondering just how are you meant to fit in a hobby or that essential bit of learning that will get you on the ladder to achieve your goal? I want to show you that there is a programme to meet your needs that will demand of your time in small but effective steps and will directly influence your success. Perhaps you’re learning Spanish as a hobby or to support your career or you may be off travelling. What ever your reason my bet is you don’t have a lot of free time on your hands and you need a simple strategy to get you up and running. So I’m surveying what’s out there to bring you the absolute best. As you already know I am a huge fan of Rocket Spanish and I thought I might

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  • Easy Ways To Learn Spanish Free

    Jan 9 • Sharon • Learn Spanish FastNo Comments

    Procrastination, among other excuses will be the most determined enemy of any good intention but if you can find easy ways to learn Spanish free at least your wallet won’t be fighting you back. Easy Ways To Learn Spanish Free Check this out This has to be one of the best programmes I have tried. Interaction is instant and on every level. You will spell, and it will require you to be exact so be careful. Visuals are simplistic and clean and it will allow you to record you own voice and listen to the audio. The format is simple, almost child like but that’s ok because being uncluttered when learning something new is essential. Keep your mind on the task in hand. In searching for easy ways to learn Spanish free remember that you want to find an easy way that teaches easy Spanish but also encourages and supports you

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