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  • Learn Spanish With JaJaJa Books Spanish Stories

    Feb 11 • Sharon • Learn Spanish For KidsNo Comments

    JaJaJa books began in 2011 when founder Genevieve Yusuf returned from Spain fired up with passion for how the Spanish learn to speak English from a young age and the benefits that early exposure brings. Bilingual children are at such an advantage because learning a second language opens up a complete culture through literature, music, food, friends and so much more. Sadly the English educational system is way behind our European counterparts who realise the importance of language learning and take language learning seriously from a tender age. In a recent article in The New Yorker, it was noted that,  “The mind is much more like a muscle than we’ve ever realized… It needs to get cognitive exercise. Beginning a second language at around the age of 11 can be so painful for the self conscious child and so many British children leave school too embarrassed to speak French or Spanish because it feels

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  • Sing-A-Long-Spanish For Children

    Dec 10 • Sharon • Learn Spanish For KidsNo Comments

    We have always known that catching children early with language learning really is the key to success. Pre-self awareness  can be critical. British children are often introduced to a secongd language at around the age of 11 when they feel most awkward and less likely to respond openly.  Those lucky children brought up in bi-lingual homes have such an enormous head start but all is not lost if your off-spring happen to live with two English speakers. There are so many Spanish websites for children which are not only crammed full of delightfully appealing games, books and puzzles, but I have just found the most enchanting Spanish hand puppet in full flamenco dress. I remember being mesmerised watching Jackanory on TV as a child and being truly captivated by the narrator’s mellow voice and the beautiful illustrations. I was completely sucked in for the next 15 minutes which gave mum a valuable gap to make tea! A hand

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  • Learning Spanish For Kids

    Nov 23 • Sharon • Learn Spanish For KidsNo Comments

     Learning Spanish for kids has never been more fun has it? And I have a 10% discount just for you so read on. As I find Spanish learning games for kids or books that I think you’ll love I’ll pass them right on to you. We all love a recommendation don’t we? Well I have some good news for you, that’s exactly what I have for you today. I’m delighted to report that while in my local book shop this morning, I came across two cleverly written Spanish learning for kids books. Not only is the author, Genevieve Yusuf a local  but she has teamed brilliantly with her close friend Suzanne Wilson who has risen to the challenge of  bringing the characters of their story to life in glorious colour. Each story follows the adventures of chums Lucy & Lucia and Phillip & Felipe. As the stories unfold Spanish words are introduced within the context of

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