El Camino de Santiago 2014 With My Lovely Mum

El Camino de Santiago 2014So the New Year is here. How are your resolutions going? Have you begun making the changes you really want to make to your life?

I have decided to reshape my goal to learn Spanish by setting myself a time limit to a specific goal.

But where to start? Actually my weaknesses are quickly exposed and they are attention to detail. Detail of the basics. So, I’m going to be very honest with myself, retrace some steps and address a few issues such as missing accents, I’m a devil for leaving them off my written Spanish yet they are vital. A great place to start is duolingo.com. Duolingo won’t let me get away with any error, no matter how small.

While I don’t want or need a certificate by which to measure my ability in Spanish I do want to be able to speak to Spaniards I meet when travelling through Spain and make meaningful friendships along the way. Discussions that stretch beyond the weather and where I live are my aim!

Lucky for me then that sometime around May this year I’ll get to travel through Spain again.  I will be walking El Camino de Santiago 2014! The first time I walked was in 2012 when I walked from Leon with a dear friend  but this time I’m walking with my mum in celebration of her 80th birthday.

The Camino will certainly meet our individual challenges head on.

While mum is relatively fit our aim is to walk around 200K in 2 weeks so our daily training has now begun with gusto.

For me? I want to better express myself with my enthusiastic Spanish conversation so I am looking to add to the basics I already have, some new verb choices and actually learn more by using the language in conversation and not so much by studying it.

Skype will be a great tool for this. I can find Spanish Learning groups on the internet such as Facebook where I can share one-to-one time with a native speaker, perhaps someone who wants to learn English would be ideal.

As for mum, that’s Angela to you, you can follow the start of her very first blog here as the walking practice begins, the weight of our backpacks is monitored and we finalise our starting point in Spain. http://asluca0.wix.com/nomad-at-80 

Who knows what our camino to Spain may bring. Mum might return with some Spanish phrases and a desire to learn more, and for me? My mind is open so let’s see what the journey brings

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