Exciting Twist To Learn Spanish Online

Using our computers for research & learning has become an everyday thing.

But aside from the obvious I have found a few ways to tap into my keyboard to learn Spanish online which I’d love to share with you.

As I have said in previous posts, trust your own intuition and find ways that suit you personally and that includes getting creative to learn online Spanish.

Of course to learn Spanish online free for beginners is a flooded market but let me show you a neat trick that I stumbled across when writing to a friend.

Firstly open a word document and type away to your heart’s content in Spanish. Write as fluently as you can, enjoy letting your imagination flow and don’t stop to look up and either correct yourself or judge what you’ve written. This is truly a fun way to learn online Spanish … but now here comes the twist!

What you will find is that your word document is now completely underlined in red. Of course you would expect this because the language of your computer is set to English.

learn spanish online

Now highlight the text by clicking the mouse with the left side of it and drag the curser from the bottom of your passage to the top. You now have a completely blue text. This time right click with the mouse over the blue text and select ‘Language’. Choose Spanish.

Depending on what version of word document you are running the red lines will disappear where the word has been spelt absolutely correctly but remain where an alteration is still needed.

This is a great way to learn Spanish online because now, before you auto correct, you can take a guess at what corrections you need to make to the word.

Perhaps only an accent is required or a a double letter has been placed where a single is needed.

How did you do?

There are so many standard ways to learn free Spanish online and if you put your mind to it and think outside the box you may really surprise yourself just how creative you can be.

I challenge you to find new ways to learn free Spanish online then report back and share with us all what you’ve found. I look forward to hearing from you once again, keep in touch & good luck and above all have fun!

Happy Spanish Learning,


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