Forget SEO. Let Your Heart Sing And Passion Do The Crawling!

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Walking along the coast from Old Leigh in Essex towards Westcliff this morning somehow brought to mind haciendo El Camino de Santiago in 2010. As another plane gracefully, and always to me unbelievably, left the coast heading for…who knows where, it reminded me of el día una amiga mía y yo tomamos un vuelo from Stansted to Bilbao to pick up our train to Leon to begin our Camino de Santiago.

My wandering mind then went to recent blog posts I had written and me di cuenta de que they are too long.

I had been enseñado a escribir blog posts for SEO but actually I’m not natural in that style at all, jumping through hoops and the like don’t suit me one bit so I’m going to forget SEO.  My approach is more organic!

Ha! … and when I think about it aprendiendo español has been the same for me. Text books and homework just destroy my enthusiasm porque they constantly remind me no puedo recorder all I need to.

That’s exactly why I began writing Georgie– The Story of a Spanish Street Dog and the second book El Camino de Santiago.

I wanted to practice what I had worked so hard to learn so I wrote Georgie in present tense Spanish, and what a challenge it was.

But, I can, with some pride announce that it is NOW published!

Georgie practices the PRESENT TENSE using repetition of all the commonly used verbs I know you will have learned plus a page by page glossary.

It also comes with a beautifully narrated CD to help you with your accent and listening practice. It took a while to find the right narrator because I knew what I wanted to hear as a learner. Clarity was key and once I had found her I even asked her to read in slow Spanish, just for you!

The second book El Camino de Santiago practices the PRETERIT and IMPERFECT PAST tense and of course comes with a CD too. You’ll be amazed how the patterns to these tenses become easier to remember when you see and hear them repeated over and over again.

Fancy giving Georgie a try? Take a look here

I will let you know as soon as El Camino de Santiago is reprinted and ready for sale. At the moment the photos are being replaced for illustrations.

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