Che Guevara Revolucionario

  51srR3FQXOL._AA160_[1]Published by difusión under their Colección Grandes Personajes the biography of Che Guevara is written by Daniel Cabrera.

If you have a few years of Spanish learning to your credit this book is a great read.  Here are the opening lines, see how you get on…

‘Ernesto tiene dos años y espera a su madre, que se está bañando en la playa. El niño lleva solo un traje de baño y tiene frio. Es otoño en Argentina y sopla un viento fuerte que viene del sur, de la Patagonia’


From his birth in Brazil on the 14th June 1928 to his death this biography documents everything you would want to know about the infamous Che Guevara and his relationship with Fidel Castro revolutionaries of Cuba. Che travelled in disguise through Europe, changing not only his looks but his name many times before preparations to overthrow the President René Barrientos were in place.

At the age of 21 he began keeping a diary of which an award winning film was made in 2004 called The Motorcycle Diaries. The world knows the face of Che from the T-shirts and clothing but ask anyone what they actually know of the man and how his childhood shaped his life, his year living in the forest with his soldiers surviving on almost no food at all and his untimely death that was made to look as though he had died in battle and you’ll soon discover there is so much more to learn.

While this book is written in accessible Spanish there are a few challenges thrown in but if you can understand the snippet above it’s well within your reach.

I love a book that teaches me so if you like to read in the same way this is a recommendation I think you’ll love. Round it off with the film made of his motorcycle journeys to access more information about his life.

Do let me know what you think and if, in scouring the book shelves you come up with an irresistible recommendation please share it with us here.

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