Lola Lago Detective Series

Eres Tu Maria              Lola Lago written by Lourdes Miguel & Neus Sans and published by DifusiÓn

If you are looking to compound and stretch your Spanish a little these books will stay with you as you do.

From level A1 ‘Vaciones al Sol’ the engaging but relatively simple story maintains a level of accessible Spanish throughout. Short chapters ensure a continued feeling of success, there is nothing worse than wading through text heavy pages when you are learning Spanish. Text heavy websites are daunting as are text laden lesson books.

Each of the books in the Lola Lago Detective series allows space to feel a sense of achievement and never feeling afraid to annotate your books will ensure your own notes help you in ways that are relevant to you, making your book truly personal and useful.

While the books can be bought without the CD my own personal preference is to definitely spend the extra. The CD is a great way to hear Spanish on your ear as you follow in your book. Try listening to it as you would the radio and see how much you can understand before opening your book and checking your progress.

I’m sure I have overused the pause and rewind buttons but when I want to practice wrapping my tongue around a new shape and sound it comes in very handy. Give it a go!

Understanding ways in which you personally learn releases you from failure and finding great books to help you is the first step towards it. Read as much as you like, as often as you can but do be realistic about your level, this is where you will gain confidence. Working with books that are too challenging can end up as an exercise in using a dictionary and eat up your learning and pleasure time.

This thoughtfully designed series will grow with your confidence. I would like to say it has pride of place on my book shelf but actually it sits on the kitchen table where I can pick it up even when I don’t have time to ‘study’.

Please feel free to share your experience with this or other books you are using and I will in turn try them out and pass on the best.

Lazy Spanish Learning

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