Lucy & Lucia Story Books For Introducing Young Children To Spanish

Lucy & Lucia CoverAward winning JaJaJa books would like to take you and your child on a learning experience within a story….

Meet Lucy & Lucia as they play hide & seek on holiday in Spain.  Written by Genevieve Yusuf her series has been created for parents to read to young children.

The story is written in English with an average of 20 Spanish words per book which makes comfortable reading without loosing the spontaneity of the story. This gentle and appropriate way to introduce a few carefully chosen  key Spanish words is a winner.

Children love to join in the story and often learn the narrative of a loved film or book by heart. After a while you will find that if you wait for the gap as you read your child will soon fill it.

In play these words are easily recalled and little by little learning takes place without them even noticing.

Going on holiday? Easily packed into a beach bag their laminated cover protects them.

Why not also try Phillip & Felipe the story of two boys who become great friends after Felipe finds himself lost in el supermercado and Phillip comes to his rescue. A story with a simple moral message, does it get better than that? As recommended in the Times Educational Supplement

Lazy Spanish Learning

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