El Camino De Santiago

 Camino 3d CoverAnother fabulous read from the Lazy Spanish Learning series.

This book journey’s along the dust trails of the ancient pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostella as my Spanish learning journey continues. If you have walked El Camino de Santiago you will love rediscovering the joys it bought you and for those who have often thought about taking the journey, this may be just the prompt you need.

Now that you have practised you present tense with the first book in the series, Georgie, you are ready for two of the most commonly used past tenses, the preterite and the imperfect past.

Using the same format as before you will quickly gain confidence by using the space provided to create your own versions of the sentences. Notice how many can be easily adapted to your everyday by just changing one verb.

With the page by page glossary you will discover an uncomplicated fresh approach to using all you have learnt so far.

As a tip I would suggest using these books in your Spanish learning group, whether that be a class or a coffee morning get together with friends, you can use the topic as a point of discussion.

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