Georgie The Delightful Story Of A Spanish Street Dog And Her Puppies

  Georgie 3d CoverAre you getting frustrated with the grammar of learning Spanish? Is your memory letting you down and the thought of moving on from the present tense all too much?

My guess is that you have worked really hard to learn what you have so far, I know that feeling very well.

There is a way to work with the vocabulary you have learned so far that does not leave you feeling paralized with fear trying to work out all the considerations you need to make every time you want to speak.

Having lived in Spain and struggled with all the common problems of learning a language I have learnt a trick or two, and so it is with great  excitement that I get to share it with you too.

Georgie is a wonderful true story set in the village of Albuñol in southern Spain, a place we lived and loved with our 3 children.

What is completely unique about this book is that it is written in the present tense and uses commonly used verbs only. In this way you will notice how patterns emerge and how, with limited vocabulary you can converse in Spanish.

You won’t even need to use a dictionary as the page by page glossary has all you need  to ensure an uninterrupted flow while you enjoy learning.

There are many opportunities for you to adapt sentences you think will be useful to you, for your own personal needs. Space has been created throughout the book with this in mind. Annotate your book and make it a personal record to refer back to.

At the back of the book you will find plenty of tips and guidance to support you. Simply explained and without confusion and in depth grammar, this book will has come at just the right time.

For practising the imperfect and preterite past tenses, using all the same formats take a look at book 2 El Camino de Santiago

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