Feria de Malaga

Flamenco fiesta

A 10 day affair which takes place around the 15th August attracts fewer overseas visitors despite it being one of the largest ferias in Spain. The official opening is the ‘Pregón de la Feria’, an announcement read out from the balcony of the town hall by a local celebrity. Then the celebrations begin.

This is followed by an enormous firework display and ten days of raucous partying Andaluz style with open air bars serving thousands of liters of sherry, spontaneous flamenco dancing in the street and the city’s main annual bullfighting festival at the city’s Plaza de Toros.

By day activities are centered around Marques de Larios in the heart of the city center just opposite the port. This has always been considered the place to be seen and so attracts well healed beautiful women with their daughters who enjoy the attention of many gazes as they show off their flamenco dresses. The city’s horse and cart taxis are colorfully decorated with ribbons and bows and driven by their drivers often in traditional costume.

Street music, noisy conversation and sherry consumption are ever presents whilst there’s plenty entertainment to keep the children amused too.

The Feria de Día lasts from around noon until 7pm then there’s a lull, time for a siesta before the mayhem of the evening begins.

By night the focus of the Feria moves to the Real de la Feria on the outskirts of the city where the Feria de Noche starts to warm up around 9pm and continues until dawn.

This is a huge fairground with over 200 marquees (casetas) specifically erected for the Feria each of which houses different groups of Malagueños, known as peñas, who meet here to party every evening. These casetas are packed with typically Spanish food and tapas, just another extension to the 24/7 fiesta.

So that no one misses out shuttle buses are a thoughtful extra running people from the city center to the fairground throughout the night.

All in all August is a great time to visit Malaga so if you would like more information on places to stay or travelling schedules contact one of the many excellent websites of information http://www.andalucia.com/cities/malaga/touristoffice.htm

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