Logroño Celebrates La Rioja Wine Harvest

Traditionally known as the Festival de San Mateo – the patron saint of Logroño, the celebrations of the Rioja Wine Harvest begin in the autumn. The pilgrim’s route to Santiago de Compostella made this one of the most significant towns en route keeping the pilgrims hydrated on their journey and still today the pilgrimage will take you through the fields.

 Logroño is the capital of La Rioja which comes alive with activity as thecelebrations of the wine harvest begin during a week of festivities that start on September 21st.

Spanish fiestas are always a nonstop pageant of music, parades, costumes and great food and this is no exception. On the Saturday night from the townhall to Gran Vía, where the impressive fountain runs with red water, the sky is lit up with fireworks and the streets run with overexcited children.

In other parts of Spain, notably the ‘Wine Fountain’ provided by the Bodegas de Irache en route to Santiago de Compostella, the fountain actually dispenses red wine but Logroño uses water that slowly pales symbolising red, white and rosé wine of the famous region.

One of the most fascinating events is the Treading of the Grapes: A spectacle of traditionally clothed young people who tread the grapes for the first crushing which become an offering to the Virgen de Valvanera.

While in the region you really must pay a visit to the Vivanco Dynasty Museum of Wine Culture where you can see how the wine is produced from cultivation to the bottle.

To create a more memorable visit why not consider visiting the vineyards of La Rioja on horseback or on a bicycle or for a really spectacular view even in a hot air balloon. Taste the wines from the bodegas

The slopping hills and dust tracks make for a great walking experience so whichever way you design your visit the beautiful landscape with leave a lasting impression. For more information on La Rioja and to get your plans underway go to http://www.lariojaturismo.com/

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