La Mare de Deu de la Salut

27__320x240_castellers3_0[1] In the municipality of Algemisi in Valencia each year between the 7th & 8th September is the festival La Mare de Deu de la Salut – The virgin of health, which dates back to the 13th century.

1,400 people take part in the festival of theatre, music and dance which is handed down through generations of Valencian’s who, to this day it is told continue to make the costumes by hand.

An amazing spectacle and construction of human towers is built by anyone, big enough and strong enough to take the weight who wants to join in. Known as castellers they stand on the shoulders of one another beginning with a base of between 6 and strong men and rising using the lightest and youngest performers. The tower represents the values associated with individualist world: strength, balance, good sense, courage, perseverance, trust in others, the culture of effort & teamwork.

The tower is built to the rhythm of music played on a wind instrument known as a gralla (used in Barcelona) and Dolçaina (used in Valencia)

As always no Spanish festival would be complete without delicious food and wine and a puente bridging the gap between a working week and a weekend of celebration.

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