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Synergy Spanish

Synergy Spanish Pure Genius

               Can it be possible to learn Spanish with just 138 words?

Now, if I choose any book from my fairly vast array of Spanish learning books there is no way any of them would agree with this claim. To be honest most books I pick up make me shiver, just a little if I’m honest.

 Clearly Spanish is not only made up of tens of thousands of words but there are also idioms to master, past and future tenses, subjunctive, pronouns and so much more so how could 138 words get me talking?

It’s a fascinating idea, and at the time 138 words are all I thought I could manage so if it were possible, even with a memory like mine it was worth finding out about this huge claim.

 That click to pay for my course was one of the best ‘clicks’ I have ever clicked in my life! Let me tell you why…

Very cleverly Marcus Santamaria has created patterns in short, but importantly relevant sentences that can be reshaped by just changing one word within the sentence or by changing the tone of your voice to make a question.

That may not seem brilliantly clever to you perhaps except that, it actually works!

Recorded in slow Spanish you can either listen to your podcast through your headphones, burn them onto a CD as I have done which means I can listen to them in the car or when ironing or read the transcripts. As I like to engage all my senses I use all three.

There is something about the way each word is bolted on, the use of repetition and the short lessons that makes his course unique. If like me you come to learning Spanish in the firm belief that everyone else will be able to achieve but you then Synergy Spanish will definitely prove you wrong.

I have been told many times that my Spanish is quite good but in truth it isn’t but I have learnt some cute, ingenious shortcuts that I recall by thinking back to the voice and intonation which brings the sentence to mind.

I can then add a new verb I have learnt to make the sentence fit what is happening at the time in fact Marcus will even make great use of assembling the phrase into a negation and Hey Presto! I have another sentence to practice.

In short Synergy Spanish is pure genius. I have loved learning Spanish because of it, I feel I have achieved so much not least some unexpected confidence and an absolute love for learning to speak this beautiful language.

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