Rocket Spanish: Your Fuel Injected Passport To Learning Spanish

rocket-spanish Anything that starts with a 6 day FREE trial gets my vote! Yes I would like to try Rocket Spanish

before I buy, after all if the product is good I’ll definitely be back for more.

So what did I find inside my free trial? Well let me tell you what I found before I even entered my email address. An interactive, short but sweet audio giving me a taste of what’s to come. Click on the link for a crystal clear phrase that, if I had had a microphone plugged in I could record myself repeating in my best Spanish what I had just heard. This is impressive stuff and I’m not even on the trial.

For those of you who are worried about their computer skills there is a ‘demo’ button to hold your hand as you work it out together.

Rocket Spanish designed by Mauricio Evlampieff is impressive to say the least. From the very basics to fluency the course requires you to use all your senses, and a few very simple computer skills too.

Tuning your ear to Spanish is easily done if you are living in a Spanish speaking country but for those of us who aren’t always so lucky we can make great use of the recording facility within the programme to get our pronunciation as close as we can to a Spanish accent.

This is truly a vast programme of reading, listening and repetition. Accents, vowels and individual words are given special attention to insure that from the onset the ground work is done.

Even the dreaded grammar becomes a game taking a life of its own at every level. Interaction is key here to make sure you engage and stick with it. Each short lesson provides plenty to keep you progressing without overwhelming you. This is so important as a muddled mind with an overload of material will not be able to retain information, I’m sure you have experience of this too.

Years have gone into producing what has become a fully interactive, well planned and designed Spanish Learning product to suit all levels.

Each category is useful and from my own experience if you can’t use it you will surely lose it. Tailor make you learning to suit your needs by dipping in and out of sections and levels as you please, once purchased the course is yours so use it often and you’ll see your Spanish improve rapidly.

There is even a live chat or forums should you enjoy the extra support of what soon feels like a family. Making Spanish learning a daily devotion will show great results in record time so whether you are starting out or hunting around for a new resource to get you going again Rocket Spanish is a must. Try the FREE trial and I’ll take a bet that you’ll love the programme as much as I do.


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