How To Learn Spanish Online Quickly

So you want to know how to learn Spanish online? Like many thousands of people a day I’ll assume you want to get to the most effective information and you want to get there fast.

While living in Spain I used the internet to access some excellent material which I still use today.

But why did it make sense to learn how to speak Spanish online when I was living right in the thick of it I hear you ask?

Well let me share something with you. I needed all the help I could get as we had moved out to Spain with no knowledge of the Spanish language at all.

how to learn spanish online

I needed to find a fast way to at least get my proverbial foot in the door!

So like you I turned to my computer and searched something like ‘learn how to speak Spanish online’ and found an abundance of helpful information.

My advice to you would be to take a cursory look around each site that takes your fancy, just giving each one five minutes of your time before you get stuck in.

How do they feel? Like the layout? Can you navigate easily from page to page?

Don’t they vary?

Look for a website that’s uncluttered in terms of its layout and even consider the colour. Yes really, it’s amazing what a difference it will make if you are to maintain your concentration.

Many of them will offer you tasters too which are a great idea and you’ll be amazed what you can learn from these free exercises and reports so make the most of them and get a feel for the style of teaching.

In your decision to learn how to speak Spanish online you can afford to be fussy about where you spend your time because it’s all available out there from games such as filling in the blanks and unscrambling words to learning about genders & nouns and por Vs para.

However teaching styles vary hugely and some may suit you more than others.

I have come across some truly original ideas but the content has been too difficult for my level.

I even searched ‘ how to learn Spanish for kids online for free’. In the hope that I would find some very basic ideas but I have to say I was amazed how tricky the ideas were. Yes, my Spanish was that poor!

Another tip.  Look out for websites which offer you a word or a phrase of the day. You know sometimes just one word a day is exactly the right amount!

Once you become comfortable with how to learn Spanish online I would also recommend thinking about audio lessons. All you need are some speakers..

I’ll presume you’ve got those, and if you can get you head around downloading the audio to your Ipod you can play it in the car or out on your afternoon walk.

A  fabulous way to hear Spanish on your ear and then practise it yourself.

Happy Spanish Learning,


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