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Today I took some time to see what’s new online by way of tools to help me along with my Spanish.

And it seems that if I want to learn how to speak Spanish free online I can afford to be quite choosy.

Predictably the BBC and Rosetta Stone always come out on top. And why not? They approach learning methodically and their websites are pretty easy to navigate, they tick all the boxes if you want to learn to speak Spanish free online.

learn spanish online

But not everything I found today was as useful.

Like you, my time is precious and although I want to learn Spanish online in the comfort of home, I certainly don’t want to waste my time learning verbs and phrases that are of no use to me at all.

And it’s fair to say that there is plenty of that available online!

Am I surprised? Yes I think I am to be honest.

I have just visited a website that took the time to translate a phrase that I may have found useful 250 years ago but is not at all relevant today.

And… I can’t see the point in commiting something to memory that isn’t useful!!

So let me be clear about what I do want?

1. I want to learn Spanish online because it’s so convenient…. but it also has to be relevant, so holding my attention and keeping me eager for more.

2. While I want to learn how to speak Spanish online I also want to be able to take it out there into the real world and use it instantly.

3. I want phrases that are  easy to remember and can be adapted over and over to slot in wherever I need them.

4. In fact, Tengo ganas de hablar en espanol rapido.. y tu? I really want to learn to speak Spanish quickly .. and you?

5. So here’s a useful tip and simple explanation to help you along your way.

Tengo ganas simply means, I’m excited about or I’m enthusiastic about or I can’t wait…. Can you see where I’m going with this and how simple and useful it can be? Tengo ganas de bailar este miercoles. I can’t wait to go dancing this Wednesday.

Adapting it to suit your needs is really so simple and so very easy to slip into your Spanish conversation. For example our daughter has a new and exciting  job and every morning Ella tiene ganas de ir al trabajo. She can’t wait to go to work. Easy!!

I bet you can think of a million and one ways to adapt this phrase to suit your life, go ahead and try some out for yourself.

No tengo ganas de mirar los sitios web aburridos nada mas…. I don’t want to look at those boring websites anymore! Solo tengo ganas de encontrar infomacion util….

I’m only excited to find useful information. And this remains a firm rule for me. If I can’t use it regularly I know I won’t be able to recall it.

Next time you look to learn Spanish online make sure your energy is used wisely and if you find any great websites along the way please pass them on to me here.

Siempre tengo ganas de encontrar infomacion nuevo…. I’m always excited to find new information.

Happy Spanish Learning,


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