Use Twitter To Learn Spanish Words

Twitter is a great place to learn Spanish words and phrases and it’s all for free. Are you just starting out and feel unsure which way to jump in looking for tools and  help to get you going?

Perhaps you have a dream to learn a second language but have in the past given up and don’t want to invest too much money too soon. Well that is completely understandable and if I might say, very sensible.

If you’re not already familiar with Twitter or you’ve heard about it and cannot think how it could possibly be useful to you, then read on.

learn Spanish words

Twitter is being used by anybody and everybody which is great news for you because  not only is finding Spanish learning resources about to get really easy you will also get to learn Spanish words free.

Firstly you need a Twitter account so that you can see who’s doing what. You will be asked to create a username and write a short message so that people will know who you are and how they can help you or take information from you. Here’s your opportunity to be creative.

Why not sign up as a ‘Spanish learner who is looking for guidance’ and ask for help from other ‘Twitterers’.

People love to help out and I have seen this technique used which has created a mass following for the Spanish learner of tweeters with easySpanish words to learn. Just think about all that free advice.

CLICK HERE to sign up with Twitter.

Spend some time looking around your Twitter account to familiarise yourself with what’s on offer. You don’t need to struggle at all. Here’s a 4 minute tutorial I found on Youtube that will have you up and running instantly, just CLICK HERE for access.

I know from firsthand experience how creative you need to be to keep your Spanish learning interesting and stay motivated. What better news then that the social media platform is bringing you easy Spanish words to learn for free and access and information to support you.

  • A word a day is all you need to get going. Everything you need to succeed is at your fingertips.
  • If you put you Spanish books and flashcards away you will have to make a determined effort to get them back out again. It’s much easier to find a way that prompts you to refer to them often.

Write one new word on a flash card and place it where you can see it during the normal course of your day. I have mine stored in a neat little box and each day I swap for a new one which I place at the bottom of my computer screen with some tac. It’s there all day and each time I see it I say it allowed. The following day I change it.

Often you will find a Tweet that is a complete Spanish phrase. Follow the same steps of copying them down and keeping them handy.

It’s an effective way to learn Spanish words free and before you know it you’ll have a whole box full, an exciting catalogue of new vocab and useful Spanish phrases.

There are plenty more tips and techniques in the free PDF to the right of this blogpost. Sign up for instant access to get you going. Some you may have already thought of but I can guarantee there will be a few surprises in there too.

Twitter brings Spanish learning into the social domain which is exactly where it should be. By sharing free information and supporting each other everybody will gain. There will be a time to buy into a programme or to sign up to a course but when you are just starting out free stuff is much appreciated!

As always I love to hear your own stories and ideas so return very soon and share what you have found and learned.

Happy Learning,


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