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 Learning Spanish for kids has never been more fun has it? And I have a 10% discount just for you so read on.

As I find Spanish learning games for kids or books that I think you’ll love I’ll pass them right on to you. We all love a recommendation don’t we?

Well I have some good news for you, that’s exactly what I have for you today.

learning spanish for kids

I’m delighted to report that while in my local book shop this morning, I came across two cleverly written Spanish learning for kids books.

Not only is the author, Genevieve Yusuf a local  but she has teamed brilliantly with her close friend Suzanne Wilson who has risen to the challenge of  bringing the characters of their story to life in glorious colour.

Each story follows the adventures of chums Lucy & Lucia and Phillip & Felipe. As the stories unfold Spanish words are introduced within the context of the English sentence. It’s subtle and the illustrations are bright and child friendly.

Genevieve says,

‘I had lived in Spain for years and saw how it wasn’t uncommon for children to be brought up bilingually and thought- we need to encourage this in England. I noticed that children learn best when they don’t realise they are learning. That is why a fun story is a good way to introduce another language.’

I couldn’t agree more, learning Spanish for kids should always be cracking good fun…. NO excuses!

Find Genevieve and her books at JaJaJa Books.

Add this code LOYALO1 FOR 10% DISCOUNT With many more books to come your children will adore story time all snuggle up with you and learning Spanish too.

In English schools, language learning comes much later than our European counterparts agree on. I want you to think for a moment  how much our children miss out on exposure to other cultures through language

 Learning a language immerses us in the culture and history of the country and so opens many doors in terms of knowledge, socialising and employment.

This has traditionally been because English is so broadly spoken all around the world that really we haven’t had to bother too much but that is changing and we need to adapt with the change and treat ourselves to the joys of learning a language.

This got me thinking.

If children struggle to shed their shyness with language learning, when it doesn’t begin in earnest until around age 11 in England, then imagine just how challenging learning Spanish becomes when it’s tackled as an adult. Phew… the thought is exhausting!!

For starters, the adult memory isn’t quite as agile as it was eh?!

But there is plenty of good news out there because we couldn’t live in better times in terms of new and exciting material becoming available.

Learning Spanish for kids can be sought online or from self-published authors like Genevieve who has taken her own experiences and turned them into an exciting tool that she can use to teach Spanish to kids in schools.


Adults choosing to learn Spanish have lots of inventive options too. Believe me when I tell you that I have not found learning Spanish easy and that can be put down fairly and squarely to one single factor.

No, not the will to learn. No, not the tools. No, not the money.  My memory!

I would describe it in two words as ALMOST HOPELESS.

The shame is, as my family & friends would tell you, I have bags full of enthusiasm and commitment, we even took ourselves off to live in Spain for 2 years but still I find learning Spanish a challenge.

So one day feeling frustrated, I decided to start writing a story to test my vocabulary and to use a tip that I know suited me which was repetition.

So my story, all in the present tense gave me the opportunity to watch as the verbs formed in the first person and only changed when the verb was irregular.

For me, it’s good to keep on practising just one aspect of learning because it really gives me time to allow the information to sink in and stay with me.

Let me ask you a question now: Is this sounding familiar to you?

So with excited encouragement from my Spanish learning friends, I continued to write and have now produced two books that I believe can help you too in learning Spanish.

”I am not a teacher and perhaps my books will not suit those of you looking for academic material but I have turned all my enthusiasm and experience with the tools that I have found to be most useful during my 4 years of learning, into one format. Each book will include the option of a CD too which can be played in the car or at home during your Spanish learning sessions with friends.”

Right now I am talking to printers and arranging for my work to be made available as a downloadable PDF. I want to set the price to suit everyone’s budget so quotes for the work are in the final stages and I will keep in touch with you as developments unfold.

It’s such an exciting project because I believe the ‘Tried, Tested & Stringently Critiqued’ ( …freinds & family are the harshest aren’t they?) material is valied as an aid to learning Spanish.

I will bring more news as soon as I have an update. Until then keep joining me here and feel free to post your comments and thoughts and I’ll be very happy to get back to you personaly.

Happy Spanish Learning,


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