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I realised quite quickly that learning Spanish was going to need a sense of humour and a fresh approach to get me through our years in Spain.

From listening and watching to how the non-fluent ex-pats managed to make themselves understood an idea took shape. With some tweeking and the addition of recognised, powerful learning tools these books have been created.

Some of us may never be fluent in Spanish, languages do not come naturally to most of us but that does not mean we should give up when the going gets tough.

This is a strategy that only a learner would pass on to you. When I couldn't find a way to keep my Spanish going, I made one.

Your Lazy Spanish Learning journey begins within the first book, Georgie. A delightful story of a Spanish street dog, who went on to have puppies of her own and completely stole our hearts.

Written in the PRESENT TENSE ONLY and by using the practice of repetition of commonly used verbs, patterns begin to emerge making it much easier to use the vocabulary that you have worked so hard to learn.

The layout of each book has been cleverly considered, giving you space to annotate and create useful sentences of your own.

Your book will become entirely your own and a place of reference for years to come.

Each page has a glossary which allows you to read freely and avoid the frustrating need to constantly refer to a dictionary.

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