Sing-A-Long-Spanish For Children

We have always known that catching children early with language learning really is the key to success.

Pre-self awareness  can be critical. British children are often introduced to a secongd language at around the age of 11 when they feel most awkward and less likely to respond openly.

 Those lucky children brought up in bi-lingual homes have such an enormous head start but all is not lost if your off-spring happen to live with two English speakers.

spanish for children

There are so many Spanish websites for children which are not only crammed full of delightfully appealing games, books and puzzles, but I have just found the most enchanting Spanish hand puppet in full flamenco dress.

I remember being mesmerised watching Jackanory on TV as a child and being truly captivated by the narrator’s mellow voice and the beautiful illustrations. I was completely sucked in for the next 15 minutes which gave mum a valuable gap to make tea!

A hand puppet is a delightful prop if you need a way to keep the attention of young children. You will find plenty of Spanish stories for children of all age ranges so sharing quality story time snuggled up on the sofa together at the end of a busy day just took an imaginative twist.

Invite your puppet friend along too for extra entertainment. If you have a lot of children in your charge this can be an extremely useful tool in helping them to engage with the story as your puppet interacts among you all.

Whether you choose a long legged spider to sit on your lap or a butterfly to flit from page to page, your enchanting visitor will make story time come alive. Children warm to routine and they will soon learn that story time is a fun and relaxed part of the day to really look forward to.

By introducing Spanish to them in this way they won’t even realise they are learning, and you will have them paying attention and hanging on to your every word….or, the every word of your puppet should I say!

Young ones adore music and take to it instinctively so look out for Spanish songs for children that will introduce them to the sounds of another language.

Your pre-schoolers will soon be dancing and prancing around the sitting room in sheer delight. Your favourite nursery rhymes in Spanish will be a sure winner so crank up the music and encourage them to sing- a- long.

Let them loose to whoop it up and use their energy. You could even make variations on music time by creating a few exercises of hops, skips and jumps to the Spanish beat.

Use your puppet to give a little prize for the child who can sing the loudest in Spanish or fill in the Spanish word when you turn down the music at an opportune moment.

Learning Spanish for children can be effortless and as you can introduce languages to them from a very early age they will readily begin to absorb the sounds and practise the way they are formed.

For many of us, learning to speak a second language can be a challenge but by giving your children fun exposure as soon as you can you will be giving them a wonderful gift that will guarantee success.

Follow this link for puppets, books and lots more exciting ideas to get the fun rolling.

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