How To Speak In Spanish In Less Than 10 Days

Picture yourself 5 years from now having achieved your dream to learn how to speak in Spanish. 

Imagine for a moment how proud you will feel because you continued to make good on the promise you made yourself.

Remember when you were in high school. Did you struggle to keep up? Perhaps you even left school feeling that everyone else got the brains but you! It’s a well known fact that schools can leave students feeling really foolish and their confidence wavering.

But, imagine what it would be like if you could conquer those negative feelings that are holding you back, forge ahead and nail your dream. Just imagine the sense of achievement.

Everybody knows that learning a second language has its challenges but when you study as an adult they can be magnified by lack of time, lack of money and even poor study skills that leave you procrastinating while the books remain on the shelf collecting dust.

There is only one solution to this. Take the bull by the horns and decide that from today, right this minute you will keep a promise to yourself to learn to speak Spanish.

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Imagine, for a moment, that it’s 2 months from now and you have set about a daily devotion to spend at least 15 minutes with your Spanish.

If you’re serious about attaining your goal it will require this from you to establish good habits that in a very short while you will not want to break.

Everyone knows that the ability to see through an idea, way after the spirit in which it was made has passed, really develops character and… results!

Let me ask you something personal here. Think about someone who you admire, it could be someone that you know personally or it could be a public figure, a successful millionaire businessman, or sports person or voluntary worker.

Ask yourself what it is that you admire about them. Are they an achiever? Do they keep their word? Do they believe in themselves even if no-one else does?

Do they ‘see an idea through to the end long after the spirit in which it was made, has passed?

The fact of the matter is not many of us admire people who renege on their promises, even those they have made to themselves.  But we do however take inspiration from people who put their ideas into action and see a project through from beginning to end.

FACT: Your self esteem and confidence will soar when you stop holding yourself back. No more broken promises.

I am lucky enough to have a handful of those incredible inspirational people around me who don’t give up when the going gets tough. Instead what they do is look for a way to achieve their goal. They seek it out and hunt it down.

This may involve recruiting friends to help them out with their particular expertise and point them in the right direction.

Your Spanish learning adventure is no different. By finding someone to lean on while you feel your feet, with advice you can rely on and to stay by your side as you progress, is the ideal answer to your problem. You do not have to dive in…or swim for that matter, alone… so don’t.

Are you beginning to see how you are in total control and not alone either? Now that is a fabulous feeling isn’t it?

This is where I know I can support you because I am also learning to speak Spanish beside you.

Yes that’s right, I am also learning Spanish right now as we speak … and I know firsthand how tricky it can be to find motivating resources that really suck me in and that encourage me to study in the belief that I WILL learn to speak Spanish fluently one day.

Now listen carefully here because this means you don’t have to study alone.

I am working at setting up a forum for this website so that you can voice your opinions, we can exchange ideas working alongside each other to create a genuine support network of Spanish learners. This will be your forum. Use it well because remember I’m learning Spanish too.

Get really excited about all the free advice and recommendations you can take from me because I 100% believe that you are about to achieve your dream.

I am going to pass on to you programmes that I know for sure will teach you Spanish in record time and make excellent use of learning Spanish audio courses and transcripts that are ridiculously easy to follow and will hold your hand from the very beginning to fluency.

Now how is that for a friend?

Discover the secrets of learning Spanish success by choosing the right programme that you can access INSTANTLY, is  loaded with tips for learning Spanish and that will grow with you as you quickly progress, beyond your wildest expectations.

To clarify…. This is a win win situation. What better way to see in the New Year than to say Goodbye to failure forever!

Sign up to the RSS feed above and you will be the first to know that the forum is up and running. It’s only a matter of days before my first recommendation comes your way, signing up to the RSS feed will take care of that too!

This is your year… make of it what you will!

Happy Learning,


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