The Worst Of All Spanish Learning Books

So you have decided to learn Spanish, good for you! This is a huge step that will benefit you in more ways than you ever thought possible.

I am so excited that in your search we have found each other because I’m going to give you some tips that will save you time in finding the best Spanish learning books.

Also what to be aware of and then I’ll direct you towards an outstanding resource that I have used and love.

spanish learning books

Spanish learning books are a fabulous resource as are the many lessons and audios available on the net. However it’s worth knowing as you begin your search that not all Spanish learning books are made equal.

Firstly the worst of all books and websites are definitely out there too. I know because I have some of them at home on my shelves collecting dust, so first let me share with you what these look like.

Some websites can be immensely difficult to navigate and be- fuddle the mind with their busy cluttered layout and inappropriate choice and size of font.

So much so that they can leave you feeling frustrated rather than clear about where you go next. Lack of interaction can make you feel like a bystander in what should be an exciting personal joint adventure.

Let’s face it you don’t want to be alone in what should be a blossoming social experience.

Some books I have on my shelf are all but useless, In fact let me tell you about the learning Spanish books I have bought and hated because they have wasted not just my time but my money!

I treated myself to a First Spanish Reader…. and what a huge disappointment it was!

Not sure about you but at the earliest stages of my Spanish learning I was really limping through one word at a time or at best a carefully constructed phrase at a time.

Yet what I received in the post was academic Spanish text with page per page translation. I would never have used the vocab again…not ever, and the cover of the book was dull and uninspiring. I really had no interest in picking it up again and became very suspicious of Spanish learning material.

Avoid wasting your money on products that do not deliver by doing a little research before you buy and look for recommendations from sources you trust. Lazyspanishlearning will never direct you anywhere unless I believe that the product can support you with its unique material .

Blogposts and advice must be clear and not only easy to find but must be genuine.

There is nothing worse than taking advice from someone, anyone who doesn’t have the experience to back up their ideas or is so out of touch with what it is like to be a learner of a language that their teachings are irrelevant.

Okay so what have I found that I absolutely love?

In searching for learning Spanish books, lessons and audios I came across SynergySpanish. I cannot recommend them highly enough and urge you to click here and see what Marcus and his team have on offer.

My recommendation comes from having used his programme for about 4 years, during our stay in Spain and on my return home with Spanish learning friends in group coffee morning situations.

What I love about Marcus’s approach is the instant clarity he brings to Spanish which will have you talking very very quickly.

This is no exaggeration. Marcus knows that you want to see results and he has painstakingly designed a way for that to happen. By keeping all his lessons relevant to everyday life you will be able to use them with immediate effect.

Repetition is crucial when undertaking any new skill. Spanish is no exception.

I have downloaded all his lessons on to my Ipod and listen to them in the car or out on a walk with my two dogs. Take them on the plane and brush up on your Spanish before you arrive in which ever Spanish speaking destination you have chosen to visit.

While Marcus learnt his Spanish in Mexico I have found very little problem with the odd variation in vocab. In fact it becomes a talking point.

Part of learning a language will open to you the opportunity to learn about the culture not just through language but also through food, music, literature and friendships.


I meet this week with graphic designers who are pulling together my own unique material into books that I know you will absolutely love because they are simply written and follow all the rules that guarantee Spanish learning success.

I am working closely with them to ensure that all the very best tools I have gathered over the years will come together in phenomenally easy to read books.

It will even do away with the need for a dictionary!

Happy Spanish Learning,


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