2 Effective Spanish Learning Programmes

The rapid delivery of fluent Spanish can be overwhelming to the ears, it can be almost impossible to try calculating the grammar while grasping the meaning of the sentence…in fact as a learner..almost impossible!

A great Spanish learning programme understands that and slows the Spanish right down to a comprehensible level using accessible vocabulary. Being able to use what is put in front of you will make or break your success. If you cannot use what you’re taught it will simply evaporate from your mind.

Rocket Spanish is an in depth Spanish learning programme that targets beginners through to fluency using extremely clever fully interactive software.

Learning a second language will always be a work in progress but if you can find an easy way to learn Spanish that fits into your day you will make the whole process effortless and far more enjoyable.

The first all important consideration of any programme is whether or not you can access a free trial. Check this one out below

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. You want some way in so that you can have a play around with the tools and get a feel for how they works.

A fully interactive programme will encourage you to engage all your senses.

Listen: To the slow Spanish in bite size pieces.

Speak and record your responses: By using the downloadable software listen to the native Spanish speaker at the click of a button and then record your answer. One more click and your recording is played back to you. Compare this with the Spanish tutor’s response. If you feel you need to improve your accent have another go until it’s perfect.

Read: Transcripts are visible as the lesson unfolds. Practice reading along. This is a fabulous way to actually see what you should be saying. You may be quite surprised at what you should be saying if you have previously only been used to listening.

What about backup?

Rocket Spanish operates a 24/7 community where you can join in conversation or, as your confidence grows instigate a discussion. Having access to the answers of your queries as they arise gives you a safety net and support system.

Learning a second language is a challenge that will demand a daily input from you in order to succeed so feeling comfortable with the programme and the simplicity of the workings is essential. Want to know more? Click here.

Synergy Spanish

Have you ever read a Spanish sentences and have known each and every word while not actually understanding the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

That’s because language is pretty complex… which is why you need it simplified

Marcus Santamaria, the founder of Synergy Spanish has discovered an easy way to learn Spanish by very carefully constructing each sentence around a main theme which means that you can take one short sentence and multiply it many times to suit your needs.

I love the way he literally bolts the sentence together having explained exactly what each part means. He manages this without blinding me with technical grammar, which I know is my weakness.

There comes an age when the memory just will not retain information despite your best efforts but by attaching what you want to learn to a memorable situation you halve the effort and double the success.

I found this to be a relatively easy way to learn Spanish because I could constantly refer back to a personal situation which triggered my memory of the sentance.

When using the audios try pausing them and add a verb that works with your own situation. Make it personal and you’ll remember it.

I found every single lesson usable; really usable…this is a great weapon as you will find out!

Despite Synergy Spanish not being fully interactive it is an extremely effective tool.

Listen: To Spanish spoken clearly by two Spanish speakers Elena and José Luis

Even the change of gender helps me to recall the content of the lessons.

Speak: By using the gaps that have been created between the dialogues you can think, compose yourself and repeat. Speaking aloud is an essential part of learning a language and must be encouraged. What you repeat in your head is very different to what comes out when you try to speak aloud and as you won’t be conversing telepathically speaking aloud is crucial practice to building confidence.

Read: Transcripts of all the dialogues are available for reading on your screen as you listen or print them off and read them later. Even better do both! Pop them in your bag and use them about your day. It beats standing in a supermarket queue with nothing to do!

Should you need to chat with Marcus you will be given email contact which he responds to swiftly. As a teacher of English as a foreign language and having learned to speak Spanish himself he has a very rounded approach and knowledge which combines to make an engaging and uncomplicated programme. Want more info? Click here

Both programmes are instantly downloadable with secure payment methods.

Now once you’ve organised yourself with a programme you’ll be head on into learning verbs…sorry guys there is absoluelty no way around this BUT you can however make it very easy for yourself..here’s how…


It seems to me that verb drills are about as fascinating as watching paint dry so do yourself a favour, alleviate the misery and make it more fun.

Verbarrator is not an expensive product at $57 the one off payment is done and dusted and with so many youtube tutorials even those of you who worry about whether or not you’ll be able to use it, will find it ridiculously easy to follow.

It has also just been updated incorporating all the requests from users. Verbarrator was designed by a Spanish learner and we all know they are always on the lookout for an easy way to learn Spanish…perfect!

Listen: To the native Spanish speaker use the verb in context.

Speak: Your answer aloud both before and after your tutor has spoken.

Read: The short transcript which remains on display until the next verb appears.

You can isolate how may verbs you choose to focus on but better than  than that you can refine your learning to one person too. If you find the I form quite easy but the they (you all plural) part of conjugating a verb trickier then isolate just that part for your practise. Patrick Jackson the founder of Verbarrator has even designed the software with basic settings such as ‘most practical’

Verbarrator also gives you the choice of placing your chosen verb into a handy sentence with a delay for you to think and repeat what you hear. If you prefer to see the verb conjugated alone then you can return to the default setting at the click of a button.

Now that’s clever…and it refers back to my earlier thought, don’t learn it if it’s not useful to you because you won’t remember it!

As you progress you can reduce the time it takes for a response which means you don’t have to wait for the audio to move at its own pace. Personalise the speed for a longer delay when you work on something new and reduce it again with the more familiar recapping you’ll want to do.

For those verbs which will require a little more practise from you…such as irregular verbs, you can pop them safely away for you to return to later. You won’t need to try and remember where you were up to, just go into your file.

See for yourself, check it out. Click here.

As always come back and let me know how you get on with these recommendations or if you’ve found an easy way to learn Spanish that you’d like to share with us please share it with us. Equally if you would like me to review a product leave your comments below.

Happy Learning,


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