Top 10 Reasons Learning To Speak In Spanish Is Good For You

1. Did you have any idea that learning to speak Spanish is good for you?

 By the time you finish reading this you’ll get the idea that you’re only limited by your imagination.

 It’s not about how to learn Spanish quickly, DON’T try and cut corners…Oh no, you’re about to take a journey you never thought possible.

 Want to keep fit? What better way than to try Salsa or Merengue. In fact, this is tip number one for a very good reason.

spanish learning

2. Uncover your true potential. You are more than capable of achieving your dream to speak a second language.

Breakthrough all the negatives you have told yourself , ‘I can’t learn a Language’  because learning to speak Spanish and keeping your promise to yourself could be the springboard to much greater things.

No more procrastinating, it’s time for results.

3. FACT: A medical fact you may …or may not be aware of. Spanish learning or all language learning for that matter reduces your chances of developing dementia, including Alzheimer’s Disease.

At a time when mental health is costing many people their future it is no wonder language learning is on the increase.

4. Unlock and expand your social horizons by learning a second or third language. Just imagine for a moment what happens when you travel abroad or are able to chat with Spanish speaking neighbours.

No longer a tourist. No longer confined to the English traps. Being able to read signs, ask directions and talk to locals in bars and restaurants will really flavour your experience and show you a new and exciting culture.

5. You have no idea what surprises you will discover about your own language when you learn another. If you were asked to explain the meaning of the word ‘was’, what would you say?

You may rightly say it is a past tense but once you try to break it down further you will discover that there are many ways of expressing something that happened in the past according to how and when it happened.

If you love to learn your brain will love the mental gymnastics required for Spanish learning. Can you see how this affects point 3 in keeping your mind sharp and healthy?

6. Learning Spanish will allow you to better appreciate Hispanic cultural contributions and where your own culture and history slots in to the grander picture.

7. You don’t realise it yet but you are about to get far more than you bargained for. Embracing another language will bring friends into your life, open new paths to travel, on and off the beaten track and explore the delightful joys of new food & wines, cooking styles and flavours.

Spanish music has such a different vibe to English music; the authentic flamenco style is so engaging and singing along is great practice for your Spanish too.

If you’re wondering how to learn Spanish quickly I urge you at this point to slow down and enjoy the moment. Think about why you want to study Spanish, reminding yourself of everything you will miss along the way in your hurry.

8. As your reading skills improve you will want to explore the Spanish literature greats from Paulo Coelho and Miguel Cervantes to Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Did you know you can buy dual language books that take the stress out of using a dictionary to continually translate? Yes, one page in Spanish with its opposite thoughtfully translated.

9. Have you ever noticed how many native Spanish speakers share your world? More than 44 countries around the globe speak Spanish which is why your Spanish learning adventure is relevant to the shifting world around you.

In Europe Spanish is the most widely spoken second language. Spanish is the fourth most commonly spoken language in the world.

10. An awareness of another culture can lead to voluntary work abroad, full time work abroad or even unforgettable summer experiences.

How about taking yourself off to the north to work along El Camino De Santiago as a hospitelero in an albergue for the pilgrims who walk each year, the ancient pilgramage to Santiago.

Why learn Spanish?Learning Spanish will broaden your view of this wonderful world we live in so jump right in,have it all… spend time in the sun and shake it up!

Happy Spanish Learning,


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