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JaJaJa books began in 2011 when founder Genevieve Yusuf returned from Spain fired up with passion for how the Spanish learn to speak English from a young age and the benefits that early exposure brings.

Bilingual children are at such an advantage because learning a second language opens up a complete culture through literature, music, food, friends and so much more.

Sadly the English educational system is way behind our European counterparts who realise the importance of language learning and take language learning seriously from a tender age.

In a recent article in The New Yorker, it was noted that,

 “The mind is much more like a muscle than we’ve ever realized… It needs to get cognitive exercise.

Beginning a second language at around the age of 11 can be so painful for the self conscious child and so many British children leave school too embarrassed to speak French or Spanish because it feels so ..foreign!

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We can do a lot to help ourselves when gaps in education seem apparent.

Genevieve’s love for Spanish and her rapport with children sparked an idea and soon her Spanish stories for kids took shape.

Her two kids Spanish story books, aimed at children up to and around the age of 7 were ready by mid 2011 but was there a market for them? How do we British really feel about language learning? Can we be bothered when so many countries speak English so well?

Genevieve enthuses,

‘A child’s brain is like a little sponge soaking up information. Our books expose children at a young age to a new language, without them even realising they are learning.’

  • Travelling abroad when you can speak the language offers you an experience way beyond simply travelling.
  • Gaining new perspectives is good for children as well as adults.
  • “The more children learn about a foreign language, the more they understand about their own language.
  • Children use what they learn in one language to reinforce concepts and terms they’ve learned in the other, so start them early.

Wanting to pass on what she had learnt in Spain and her longstanding love of books and storytelling was potentially the perfect mix, but they do say that ‘the proof is in the pudding’.

Her idea was to bring her very own Spanish stories to life by going into schools and nurseries to read them herself to groups of children. Her hope was that they would engage with the story as it unfolded and that her side kick, a friendly puppet would captivate their attention.

This was a truly unique approach.

Children adore quality time with the focus of attention on them, so what could she realistically hope for?

By the end of the summer Genevieve found out exactly what the children thought of her stories and what’s more she gained the attention of a very high profile board of professionals.

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Don’t keep a good thing to yourself, pass this link onto friends, play groups and schools and give your children an excellent start in life.

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