Study Spanish Abroad, What You Need To Know

Like many people, I’m sure you arrived on this page because you want to study Spanish abroad.

So over the next couple of paragraphs I’m going to tell you what you need to know about studying Spanish abroad. But first; a quick story…

A few years ago we were happily living in the UK until we decided we needed a change. We needed to get out of England and move abroad. At first we considered France, Italy and then Spain.

Soon after we were all packed up, the kids were pulled out of school and we were ready to embark on our Spanish adventure.

In the beginning we were all very nervous about studying  Spanish abroad, but we soon realised it was the best place to do it considering we had just flipped our lives upside down. It’s funny how life is like that…

One minute you have a day to day plan and then it’s all thrown up in the air as a new corner is turned and another wonderful opportunity unfolds.

study spanish abroad

All well and good if you’re familiar with the new project and surroundings and have the tools to make it work.

But if you don’t have those skills my bet is that you’d go out and find someone who does, someone who can point you in the right direction, someone you can refer back to, preferably day or night!

Perhaps you have moved out to Spain and you are finding yourself a little overwhelmed or you may have got caught up in the recession and need to come back to your native country.

Spain is having a hard time at the moment like so much of Europe so if you’re riding the storm out there what you’ll need most of all is reliable constant friends particularly if your Spanish is not too good.

Familiar faces and voices can come in all shapes and sizes from, real friends who you can share a coffee with to favourite TV programmes and radio.

If you are far from home you’ll know exactly what I mean. There you are in your Spanish cortijo, you put your English speaking TV on and ZAP… you feel at home!

The familiar voice really helps to make you feel less lonely in your journey.. and let’s face it starting a new chapter in your life can feel very lonely at times particularly if you’re not as prepared as you could be.

But I’m going to stretch your imagination one step further afield than that and invite you into our experience when we arrived in Spain after just 4 months of preparation

I didn’t realise it at the time but the familiar voices that remind me so much of our time in Spain, because of the support I felt, are those from the Spanish learning audios!

Boy, I played them over and over again! When I was ironing, while I was cooking and even in the car going to pick the children up from School.

I am now a huge convert of Spanish learning audios. I learnt a lot about the best ways to learn Spanish that worked for me personally and audios go almost to the top of my list of favourites. I could listen and re-wind if I needed to or even take a pen and paper and write out the new verbs and stick them on the wall.

Yes, it’s fair to say our apartment glowed bright and clear with yellow sticky notes on almost every door or object. And what a sight it was? But to me that is the joy of learning something new.

Really getting your teeth stuck into a project and finding any which way to make it work. Follow your gut, not the rules. Find out what works for you and don’t be afraid to share it with your Spanish learning friends.

For those of you who are familiar with my blogs, you will know by now that I have done just that.

I have taken all the tools that I have used with success and merged them into two books that will be available soon as a hard copy book or as a PDF with the option of an audio CD that narrates the story in real Spanish.

I can assure you of this. I have worked my socks off to deliver to you a useful resource that can be used by you if you have a few years of Spanish learning already under their belt.

 They won’t take you from the absolute basics, right from the very beginning, although again I will direct you to Synergy Spanish for all you absolute beginners but it will be a powerful and trustworthy method that you can follow to consolidate what you have learned with the practise of repetition in a beautiful Spanish story.

Each book gives you all you will need, you can even set your dictionary aside.

While I am not a teacher I am the next best thing…. a struggling LEARNER!! 

And I know how hard it can be to get to grips with a language and how inventive I have become in my pursuit to learn Spanish.

What started out as a need to learn Spanish abroad has become an opportunity to write two books. As a spin off  I’m now pretty good in handling my website and  blog too. Sharing with you all the determination I have to learn something new no  MATTER what it is and how hard it may seem at the onset is such fun.

Both books are now in print and I can’t wait to share the two beautiful stories with you.

The first is about a street dog our daughter named Georgie. She melted our hearts and the second book is about El Camino de Santiago. A journey I took with a dear friend of mine across northern Spain.

Both are based around real events that track our lives and experiences in Spain and as we arrived back to England and I hope that as you continue to learn Spanish what I have learned will give you invaluable encouragement and support.

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Keep in touch and don’t forget to let me have your tips and advise as they comes to you.

Happy Learning,


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