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  • Why Learn Spanish? You Have To Be Kidding

    Nov 4 • Sharon • Best Ways To Learn SpanishNo Comments

    One of the first things to jump out at me when I began to learn Spanish was how little I understood about the grammatical structure of my own English language. Perhaps you know exactly how that feels? Enriching your life with a new language is such a gift to give yourself so let’s brainstorm a few ideas about what learning a language can do for you and how your world can expand in more ways than you can imagine. 1. Deciding to learn Spanish will completely transform your experience when travelling through Spanish speaking countries. Ordering food and immersing yourself in the culture exposes you to so much more when you can converse. Every country uses its language to express its culture whether through song and music, legends, literature or modern day speech. As you study you will be preparing yourself to better appreciate their culture. Hispanic speakers are so warm and generous being only too happy to help

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Lazy Spanish Learning

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