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  • Spanish Language Schools In Valencia

    Nov 20 • Sharon • Travelling Through SpainNo Comments

    Have you ever tried Spanish language immersion schools in the heart of Spain?  Until I took the plunge last year I only had an over enthusiastic appraisal from a gorgeous friend of mine. She spoke of the warm engaging Valencian’s who had really made her stay memorable, the famous Valencian paella and the experience taking in the outstanding architecture from the comfort of a horse drawn carriage pulled through the historic City. From above the main square from the Cathedral of Valencia located in Plaza de la Reina, which also has a bell tower attached to the Cathedral, splendid views unfold across Valencia. All sounded tempting to me so far….  But, what I really wanted to check out was… Horchata! ‘What’ I hear you cry! Yes.., Horchata. Could it really be as delicious as my friend described? And was the paella very different to that in other parts of Spain? Valencia was the only place I could go to find out so I decided

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