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  • Easy Ways To Learn Spanish Free

    Jan 9 • Sharon • Learn Spanish FastNo Comments

    Procrastination, among other excuses will be the most determined enemy of any good intention but if you can find easy ways to learn Spanish free at least your wallet won’t be fighting you back. Easy Ways To Learn Spanish Free Check this out This has to be one of the best programmes I have tried. Interaction is instant and on every level. You will spell, and it will require you to be exact so be careful. Visuals are simplistic and clean and it will allow you to record you own voice and listen to the audio. The format is simple, almost child like but that’s ok because being uncluttered when learning something new is essential. Keep your mind on the task in hand. In searching for easy ways to learn Spanish free remember that you want to find an easy way that teaches easy Spanish but also encourages and supports you

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  • How To Speak In Spanish In Less Than 10 Days

    Jan 20 • Sharon • Best Ways To Learn SpanishNo Comments

    Picture yourself 5 years from now having achieved your dream to learn how to speak in Spanish.  Imagine for a moment how proud you will feel because you continued to make good on the promise you made yourself. Remember when you were in high school. Did you struggle to keep up? Perhaps you even left school feeling that everyone else got the brains but you! It’s a well known fact that schools can leave students feeling really foolish and their confidence wavering. But, imagine what it would be like if you could conquer those negative feelings that are holding you back, forge ahead and nail your dream. Just imagine the sense of achievement. Everybody knows that learning a second language has its challenges but when you study as an adult they can be magnified by lack of time, lack of money and even poor study skills that leave you procrastinating while

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  • Study Spanish Abroad, What You Need To Know

    Dec 1 • Sharon • Travelling Through SpainNo Comments

    Like many people, I’m sure you arrived on this page because you want to study Spanish abroad. So over the next couple of paragraphs I’m going to tell you what you need to know about studying Spanish abroad. But first; a quick story… A few years ago we were happily living in the UK until we decided we needed a change. We needed to get out of England and move abroad. At first we considered France, Italy and then Spain. Soon after we were all packed up, the kids were pulled out of school and we were ready to embark on our Spanish adventure. In the beginning we were all very nervous about studying  Spanish abroad, but we soon realised it was the best place to do it considering we had just flipped our lives upside down. It’s funny how life is like that… One minute you have a day to

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