Be Safe, Keep Your Wits About You

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPrepare for losing things before you leave. Before leaving, make copies of your passport, visas, credit card information, travel insurance, medical records. Hide them in your suitcase and save them on the cloud so that they are available from an internet café.

Get to know the currency before you travel as one of the easiest ways to lose your money is when you are given incorrect change. Busy buses or street vendors can do this by accident but equally it is this type of situation that is simple to exploit.

Plan the following day in your hostel the night before. This should avoid the need to get out maps on the street. Appearing lost may invite unwanted help. You may even be charged for the help you receive.

Never hand over your passport. Arrange authenticated copies of your original documents before you leave home instead of taking your originals out on a day out. By choosing a hostel or hotel with a safety deposit box you can leave your travel documents locked up.

Where possible only use taxis from an official taxi rank and avoid the mayhem of drivers calling for your business. Go with your instinct as well by choosing a well-kept taxi rather than an old unkempt vehicle. It can be so easy to look back and realise instinctively that we made a wrong choice. Negotiate the price before you get in and always load and unload your own bags.

When making your travel plans consider the time you will arrive at your destination, you don’t want to arrive in an unfamiliar place in the dark leaving you little choice which car you get in. Should you find yourself in that position and you have a phone with a camera on it take a picture of the number plate and even fake a conversation whereby you let a friend know you are en route and to expect you.

If you are travelling alone ask your hostel or hotel to recommend a tour group. This is a great way to do things you wouldn’t want to do on your own and a way to make friends too.

If you don’t speak any of the language why not consider a few lessons at a reputable language school. They really are very popular and will attract people just like you. People who want to travel and be safe.

Whichever Spanish speaking country you are travelling through my guess is you’ll be far from home so be wise in planning your travels. Don’t let your guard down if you think somewhere is ‘safer’ than others- there are countless stories of people being mugged in seemingly ‘safe’ areas like Malaga as there are Argentina- so keep your wits about you and dress appropriately at all times.

Common sense will go a long way in making your trip enjoyable and trouble-free.

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