Keep Your Bags And Money Safe

    Pick pockets There are some exceptions to the norm where it is advisable not to take any belongings. Cuzco, a world apart from the rest of Peru, Rio, Caracas and Mexico City.

While it is important to share your wealth with the rest of the world beware of having your photo taken with ‘locals’ who could scam you heftily for the pleasure. Such simple pleasures such as having your bag carried can turn, so being wised up and not standing out, as far is as possible will serve you well.

Pickpockets are a problem in most places of the world and crowded situations make it so much easier. Pay special attention to your belongings at crossroads, bus stations, bustling markets, cash points, internet cafes and beaches.

When you stop to sit and grab a coffee make it a constant habit to loop your foot through the strap handle of your rucksack or bag. Keep your handbag on your lap but still around your shoulder so that it cannot be grabbed from you.

If you carry a smaller back pack turn it around so that it is on your front. Not only will you have fast access to your things you will feel more secure.

Divide your money between pockets and if approached follow your instincts and make for somewhere safe, preferably somewhere with other backpackers.

Use a money belt but don’t use it in public and do not carry large amounts of cash on you.

Should you find yourself in the unlikely event of being robbed, stay calm hand over what they ask for and get help. It is not worth resisting. Even better do not put yourself in a vulnerable position. Despite some of the larger cities in Central America – Belize City, Guatemala City, Tegucigalpa and Managua having a deserved reputation for being more dangerous this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit but you must use your common sense. Cover up, keep small bank notes only and try to blend in.

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