5 Ways To Learn Basic Spanish And Get Talking

Let’s get together with some fresh and exciting ways to learn Spanish quickly, after all we’re all in the same boat aren’t we?

I want to learn Spanish quickly, and importantly I want to build my confidence as I do. So let’s get started, get realistic and not set the challenge bar too high!

You will have foolproof ideas of your own too so please feel free to share them with me here.

1. To get started you’ll want to learn basic Spanish words that you can use often. I would say that there are around forty core verbs that will really get you going.

learn basic spanish

Because it’s so  important I’m going to say it again, ‘learn basic Spanish words’ only.

I have come across a lot of material for beginners sold as,  ’How To Learn Basic Spanish’, only to find that the verbs used are ones I will probably never come across again and certainly cannot see myself using with ease.

Don’t waste your valuable time trying to learn vocab you’ll never use.

2. You may also find that you can learn basic Spanish online. There are some great websites that offer verb tables where you can pick and choose the relevant verbs for your own particular use.

Remember be realistic. Don’t bite off more than you can chew!

3. Remember that you need to discover how to learn Spanish for you as an individual. When you come across a resource that suits you.. go for it! If you can’t find one create one!

4. The key here is how to learn basic Spanish because anything more than that can set you reeling off course and can be a sure way to give up. Set yourself targets of no more than one new word a day.

Yep that’s it, no more than one word a day! Why? Because, unless you have the agile memory of a teenager any more than that will be forgotten and you’ll find your spirits sinking.

5. Try writing your shopping list in Spanish, Because we often buy the same goodies in the supermarket it’s a great way to learn basic Spanish that is relevant to your every day needs and repetition is a great tool.

By the time you take your next trip to Spain these words will be comfortable for you, all you need do from there is add them to a simple sentence such as, ‘Donde esta el leche?’ or‘ Quiero  mantequilla,huevos y harina para hacer una tarta de cumpleanos’.

Before you know it  you’re talking.

The small steps you take now to learn basic Spanish that is applicable to you  will see you reap huge rewards as you begin to use your Spanish both at home and abroad not least because you’ll be giving your Spanish a chance to grow and your confidence to blossom.

Be gentle with yourself and set realistic goals for yourself.

Happy Spanish Learning,


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